Why You Must Follow Your Dreams

Why You Must Follow Your Dreams


Why you should listen to your dreams and pay attention to the messages we receive in the dream world?. I call it in the Ancestral Realm. It is important to know that there are different kind of dreams. Regular Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Vivid dreams and Revelation Dreams. A regular dream might just be a dream we have that we wake up laughing, crying or just feeling a certain way. I believe when it comes down to all of us per say majority of us wake up with a feeling. Whether is a good feeling or not. We just wake up emotional based on the dreams. Do not alarm yourself if you hardly can remember your dreams.  It is ok.  Get sesame seeds and put them under your pillow or under your bed. That will help you dream clearer and also connect with spirits better in dream land. 🙂

I would suggest for everybody to have a journal or a book next to your bed with a pen to write down the dream,that way you dont wake up and say to yourself “Oh I forgot  the dream” Many times we do forget by the time we go to sleep and we wake up we do not remember anything about the dreams, that is why I advise everybody to have a journal and a night light next to the bed to be ready to write the dreams.

When it comes down to dreaming I have heard many well a whole bunch of people saying. ” I dreamed something was going to happen and it happen, in this case scenario lets pretend the message was a negative one. One where we say, “You know I dreamed of somebody in my family dying and they died. Listen very careful my wonderful readers. When we have these kind of dreams I call these dreams , REVELATIONS . In this cases God or spirit are not going to show us what we have no control over . If we dream of somebody dying is because the spirit is telling us to do something to fix that situation, that way what we did dream about does not become a reality. Also, other situations could be about people dreaming about doing something and they do not know why they were doing that in the dreams. If you saw yourself doing something in the dream that means DO IT! Why do I say do it? , because is a message that is being translated to us that must be done to prevent anything coming our way or to help us achieve something. For instance, to make it clearer if you dream that you are dancing around fire. Get fire and start dancing around it. We complicate things in our daily lives not knowing that we learn so much in dreams and the spirits are giving us things for us to learn and do. We do not do them, we do not see any results. Did you know that the moment you master dreams, your life become easier? It is like graduating from Dream University.



A lot of times we have dreams where we see people and those people represent spirits. For instance, if you dream of your father or brother dressed in white dancing with a snake around their neck, that might be Damballah you are dreaming about Damballah is the loa of knowledge in the Haitian Pantheon of Haitian Vodou. Spirits come in different forms and sometimes in different people. If you dream about a man planting fruits, that might be a representation of Kouzen the loa of agriculture. By now you must know that spirits come in different forms and sometimes they come as our friends or family members. Also pay attention of colors of what the people have on. Many people by pass that. That way the dream can be interpreted better.

All I want is for every single one of you to understand that dreaming is easier if you take your time to learn what to do and how to prevent things from coming into existence. If you dream something bad , either get a reading or find out if the spirit showed you something to do in the dream by remembering the whole dream, but do not I repeat do not leave it alone because later might be too late.

I want to hear about YOUR dreams and experiences you have had from your dreams. I know all of you have something to share. Do not be shy and comment below and also share this blog with people or groups you feel need this information



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