Who Is Shango

Who Is Shango





Who is Shango?

Want to know everything about Shango? 

I will break it down for you to understand not only who he is but his attributes.

Many people call him Shango, Chango or in Brazil he is called Xango. He is the orisha of thunder, drum and dance, In a story of the Orishas Shango was once the diviner but he exchanged the gift of divining with Orula who was the dancer and Orula became the orisha of divination , meanwhile Shango now happens to be the one who dances. In this beautiful tradition of Ifa and in Cuba called “Lucumi” everybody comes to this earth with an orisha who governs our head “Ori” and I happen to be an Omo Shango. Child of Shango 

It is to be understood than in order to find out who governs our Ori ” Head” we must go to a Babalow and a ceremony must be performed to find out about the Orisha. In Lucumi three babalows must be present to dictate the guardian angel of each person. I hear people all the time saying that they are a child of Shango or any other Orisha just because someone told them that was their Orisha. This cannot be dictated by a card reader or just somebody saying.

Going back to who Shango is. 

Shango number is six and his colors are white and red. His feast day is December 4. He loves cornmean and green plantains as far as some of his foods. Shango is very loyal, super protective and also he is the orisha of justice as well.  He is called among all the orisha , a ladys man. He is the husband of Oshun, Oya and Oba.  In an apataki “story”  Oya made soup to Shango and was said she cut one of the ears of Oba to Shango.

It is said that he was brought up to the islands during slavery, well that is what is said, I believe Shango was always here for a long time before the so called “Conquistadores” re found the Americas. He is from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. In haitian vodou there is a loa called “Ogou Shango” from the nago nation, well to me the orishas when it comes to Vodou are the nation of Nago . He was the fourth king of an ancient Oyo empire. He was a powerful king but many people thought he was unfair and he went into the woods and “hung” himself on a tree. Notice how I put hung in parenthesis because many people believe he was not hung , that is why many practitioners say “Cabiosele Shango” which means. Shango did not hang. Many people believed had went up to the heavens and was sending fire down to earth. Shango became the god of thunder and lighting. 

Characteristics of children of Shango

  • flirtatious
  • great dancer
  • center of attention
  • emotional 
  • natural diviner


If you feel you have these characteristics of a child of shango, comment below and tell me what have you heard or know about this amazing orisha in the comments below.





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