damballah wedo

Who is Damballah Wedo?

Who is Damballah Wedo

damballah wedo

Damballah is one of the most important lwas in the haitian pantheon. He creates the mind and intellect. He is represented also as wisdom of all knowledge to the Universe and the Cosmos. His color is white and an egg on a mound of flour is served to him. When someone mounts “posses” him, the person drops on the floor and start to crawl like a snake and he talks by making wizhel ┬ásounds. ┬áDamballah Wedo is from the Rada nation of spirits and Ayda Wedo is associated with Damballah and his wife. She is represented by the Rainbow. They both represent . The Serpent and the Rainbow which to me the Serpent is represented by the spine and the rainbow represents the different chakras in our DNA.┬áThe saint utilized to represent Damballah Wedo is Saint Patrick and his day is March 17. Until these days many houses “societes” still use the saint to represent him. I do not agree with the saint being used, but I have to put this out there for others to see what is being used for him.



This is a picture of his Veve “signature” to invoke him



There is a movie which I highly recommend to watch called ” The Serpent And The Rainbow.



To me Damballah Wedo is great when it comes to clarity, wisdom, knowledge and purification.

Many people serve him because he is great in developing gifts within people that we never knew existed in us.


There is also Damballah La- flanbeau , this particular Damballah is served in the Petro nation. Some lwas are served in the Rada and in the Petro side of Nature.

If you want to activate your DNA, Damballah is the one who will give you the knowledge for you to not to only activate it but to guide you to it.

In many house there are women who will marry him not only for protection but for vision, and yes in Haitian Vodou there are marriage ceremonies that are being performed with different male and female spirits. I will discuss marriage in a future post.

Now I want to hear your comments about him and if you have experienced anything when it comes to this amazing lwa Damballah Wedo.. Write your comments below and share this blog.



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