Where To Place Your Spiritual Altar

Where To Place Your Spiritual Alter


I have been asked many times ,”Where should I place my alter” and this is the reason why I have decided to write this blog to not only give my opinion of where the spiritual alter should be placed but also to let “YOU” the reader know where not to place them as well.

First things first, when it comes to an alter in my experience and doing it since birth I would say that they are many people who say that having an ancestral alter should be only for the ancestors “blood relatives” and not anything “pets” or anybody outside of the blood lineage, and many people have their ancestral alter and also put other friends , pets and other people they knew that have transitioned to the wonderful world of the ancestors. In my teachings I always say do what makes you feel good. In my ancestral alter I have people who were not related to me at all and also my pets who have transitioned. Many will agree or disagree and either way it is ok, I am just saying how I have been doing it since birth and what has worked for me.


On the same note, it is important to never place pictures of the living in the spiritual alter. Why? because the living should never be included in an alter that is dedicated for the ones who have departed.

The best place to have an alter for the ancestors and spiritual guides it’s in a room just dedicated for them. I am aware many people do not have an extra room to place them and if that is the case, the alter should be in the living room. If you happen to live in a place that is not yours, you can place it in your room  and if you cannot place it in the room because of people do not agree with your practices the last place to set it at will be in the closet, but the closet is the last option. I do not agree with the alter being in a closet because to me that is hiding them from the world.  

Having the alter in the room while having sex is unacceptable. Now if you are in your room and you never have sex in there by no means you can place the alter there.

Now if you feel like there is no place where the alter should be placed, think about you becoming an ancestor and your future generations not placing you anywhere. 

Also I was asked if couples should share the same spiritual or ancestral alter and my answer is “NO”  We all have different spirits and also different people who we have met and are in tune with us spirituality and each particular person should have a designated space for their spiritual alter “boveda”

If you have any questions , concerns or observations please share them in the comment section below and tag someone you feel needs to know about this information of where to place their spiritual ancestral alter.

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