What Is Cascarilla Good For?

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What is cascarilla “egg shell”  good for?

Cascarilla when it comes to spirituality is good for many things.

You can use it when preparing spiritual baths, it helps you remove all type of negativity and also helps with clarity and vision.  

In many situations many people put it on their body to be protected from bad spirits in the middle of the night and also before going to sleep. This helps remove all type of bad spirits and bad influences looking to attack us.

I suggest people put some on their hands , on the bottom of their feet and  in the back of their necks when going to a spiritual gathering or going any where. A lot of people in my experience as a spiritualist ask me how can they protect themselves from bad omens and from envy and people trying to steal their good energies and good luck. Cascarilla helps with this as well.

I have heard many stories of people saying that when one put cascarilla  scare spirits to get closer to us. I agree and disagree to an extend. When I put it on I always say I am putting it on just so bad intentions from bad spirits do not get to me but always welcome spirits to get closer.

If you scare spirits away , how can you connect and be able to summon them? I have always ask this question and my answer is , it all depends on your intentions and what you put into the Universe.

I advise everybody to have Cascarilla at home and in business as well. If you feel something is attacking you in the middle of the night or you feel like somebody is trying to attack you or you just want to purify your spirit with a great spiritual bath, add cascarilla to it to enhance and make you feel better. 


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