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In Holywood, voodoo has been used countless times, with Disney even joining the bandwagon with Princess and The Frog. As you’ve probably noticed, most of these movies talked about the dark side of voodoo. Here are some movies that warn people about the dangers of voodoo: Even though there have been many movies out there I would say these are my favorite 6 movies that are related to either Vodou, Santeria and Witchcraft. Many people have asked me what are some of the movies I recommend to watch. Here are my top 6 Enjoy!!1

The six voodoo movies that will change your mind!

Serpent And The Rainbow

Even though this movie has been out since 1988 I would say this is the closest movie to Haitian Vodou I have ever seen. The way the movie was filmed to my opinion was by far the most accurate to Vodou. I know many things were create to scare the audience how Vodou could be scary and also for people to fear but if you take a look at it with an open mind you will see it is all in the mind of the practitioner and how people use it. What I like about this movie is when the main character went ahead on a spiritual journey where his totem a panther came to his rescue showing him things. It makes me wonder a journey that could have been the taking of Ayahuasca. I will talk about that in a different article and how the Vodou goddess Erzulie Freda manifested as well as part of one of the ceremonies. If you are looking for a movie that is close to Vodou. This is the movie you do not want to miss “Serpent And The Rainbow”


serpentandtherainbowThe Craft


This is a 1996 supernatural horror film that focuses on four troubled teens named Sarah, Bonnie, Nancy and Rochelle. These girls worship a fictional deity named Manon who granted them supernatural capabilities. This movie will teach you that witchcraft could be used either for darkness or goodness. If there’s one thing this movie will teach you, it’s not to abuse your power. To me as a kid watching it made me feel so powerful knowing that there was the power of nature out there and started realizing that some of us do carry powers to do as we please. This movie was so magical that after watching it you wanted to learn more about what Magic was all about. This is absolutely one of my favorites of all times.


Eve’s Bayou


Be careful what you wish for.

This is the lesson I got from this 1997 voodoo film. It focuses on 10-year old Eve Batiste that found out that her father is having an affair and molested her 14-year old sister Cisely. Due to anger, she asked a local witch to cast a spell that will kill her father. However, she soon found out that everything she knows were not exactly true. This movie is a warning to everyone not to use voodoo for revenge. This movie represents to me the power and the ability of clairvoyance by reading the tarot and also by reading the bones and form of divination and how accurate these people were while doing readings and it also show you how to be careful about the things you wish for. Like my elders say, be careful of what you wish for , because you might just get it.




This movie will show you that Santeria is not always used for darkness it could also be used for goodness. This 2009 film is based in the life of capoeira fighter named Besouro that lived in the twenties. With his skills and the Orishas, he was able to overcome his oppressors. This is a great way of showing the world that Santeria can also be used for goodness. Filmed in Brazil it shows us how spirit could manifest through the drums and also through movements in our bodies by rhythm.


Santeria: The Soul Possessed

This is a movie that gives an interesting take into “Santeria” notice how I put parentheses in Santeria. by combining it with Catholicism. The story is about a 9-year old boy named Ricky Banda, who believed to have seen the Virgin Mary. To be completely honest, there’s not much Santeria in the film but it introduces the religion and its rituals. This is a fun way to introduce the Caribbean religion to one of your friends. The good but also the evil.. Do you want to watch something scary and also powerful, this is the movie for that.


City Of God


Lastly, we have the City of God that is a 2002 crime drama about the slums of Rio from the perspective of Rocket in Brazil. This is based on a true story that shows the harrowing tale of the gangs living in the country. It will surprise you to know that Candomble is still depicted even in this kind of movie. This movie will show you that even in this time and age and spiritually is still used.It shows us how to protect us by following the rules of the gods and how we can be punished if not.


There are many depictions in films but this six movies are on the top of the list. They do not only have an amazing plot, they also fearfully showed Vodou and all kind of spiritual sciences as they are. I am pretty sure “YOU” have seen one or more of these movies. I want to hear your opinion of the movies you have seen on the list and I want you to tell me your views on them as well. Comment on the section below and let’s see how these movies have taught you a few things here and there of what SPIRITUALITY is really about. I hope you guys enjoy this article as much as I loved writing it as well.


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