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Best Two Haitian Voodoo Books -Voodoo Priest Man

I get many messages on my Instagram about what books I recommend when it comes down to breaking down what Vodou what some others call it Voodoo is all about. I am giving you my two favorites of all times, I have read other books that are so called Voodoo books but I would not discrete them because I have not read all. The books I would recommend that really caught my attention about explaining what many have wanting to know Vodou. I hope you enjoy it and I have much respect to Mama is about Voodoo. If you want to know the truth about voodoo, here are two books that clear up the misunderstanding about the religion:

The 2 Voodoo Books You Must Read

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Mama Lola


This book is written by Voodoo Priestess Karen McCarthy Brown about the life of healer Mama Lola and her heritage. This book shatters the misconceptions about voodoo, bringing clarity to its readers. Reading this book would also education you about feminist ethnography, while ushering you into the world of voodoo.

Through the author’s perspective, this book will show you the importance of Voodoo in Haitian culture.  This is also a great introduction on the women behind voodoo practices and the authority they have on their homes and Voodoo temples. Even if you don’t believe in Voodoo, this will help you understand the religion more.

When this specific book in my list of great voodoo books, I was really interested on how an outsider with little knowledge of voodoo managed to embrace it. Brown entertwined herself to the world of voodoo and became entised with it, embracing it as a whole. I can’t forget the part where she got initiated in voodoo. She didn’t tell what happened during the initiation but I believe its the same as to what happened during my initiation.

What is the initiation like, you ask? That is something that is not discussed or talked about, because what goes on in the initiation is a secret that the only way for you to find out would have to experience. You thought I was going to tell you the secrets, but you would never imagine the secrets are, because you dont know what you dont know and if it is your calling to be a part of Vodou your ancestors, will show it to you . How ? I will write a different topic to cover this question.


voodoo books

Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti


This book is probably the father of all voodoo books. It is considered by many as a primary source about the religion and its spirituality. I have heard many Houngans and Manbos calling it “The Voodoo Bible” You can find many versions of this book on bookstores, including photos and illustrations. In 1983, this book was converted into a documentary that focuses on the Voodoo Gods Loas, otherwise called Divine Horsemen. Like in the book, the documentary explained the rituals done for these Gods. What is a horse? A horse is a person that mounts spirits.

This is the book that I suggest to people who want to learn the history of voodoo. I personally had re-read this and lent this to people who wants to be part of the community. Many outsiders have been introduced to voodoo because of this book. There are also a lot of people who became associated with voodoo after reading it. I mean this book won’t be popular after 60 years after its publication if its not one of the best voodoo books in the market, right?

Voodoo has been misrepresented and it’s about time people know the truth about the religion. Yes, voodoo has its dark side but there is also goodness that can come out of this practice. Through Mama Lola and Divine Horsemen, you will be able to understand the truth about the religion. All you have to do is just keep having an open mind about Voodoo and the rest is up to the spirits. And don’t forget to browse some voodoo books while you’re at it!

Voodoo Priest Man teaches people how to connect with the universe, the ancestors and spiritual guides.He helps people understand how can the mind be so powerful. He teaches techniques on how to open the third eye as well in order for the people to learn how to connect with spirit. He believes everybody has the ability of being a psychic. In his training people will learn how to tap into their intuition that way they can get the answers they are looking for by following their spirits advise.



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