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Three Reasons Why You Should Try Palo Santo And Its Uses

Since, I was a kid I’ve known different ways on how to remove negativity and invite positive energy in your life. There are tons of ways to remove negative energy there is crystal grinding and burning sage. However, the oldest way is through Palo Santo aka holy wood.

For those of you that are new to this post, let me give you a little background of what this is. It is a spiritual medicine that came from the Bursera graveolens tree and was used by Incas for spiritual purposes. Burning it is said to cleanse a person’s energy field, bringing positive energy into your life.

It Is Just Safe

Palo Santo came from dead trees and branches. Its harvesters use Vapor Distillation to make essential oils out of its dead trees and branches. Therefore, making it free from chemicals that ensures high quality products made from intense care.

Actually, this spiritual medicine can boost your immune system from bad diet, environmental pollution and emotional distress. It is also a great detoxification agent as an herbal tea. All you have to do drop a few of this to hot water and drink it as tea, which can calm your nerves.

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Just Good Vibes

Actually, Palo Santo is good in giving you good vibes. Like what I said, it cleanses energy similar to other spiritual devices like Sage and Cedar. This spiritual medicine can clear your energies ushering in creativity, protection and blessings.

It is good for meditation because its scent because it connects you with to Earth and its Divinities. Aside from that, it is also great in removing spiritual entities into your house. If all else fails, this is really good as an insect repellant and just looks plain cool in Instagram.

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A Great Alternative Medicine

As an alternative medicine, Palo Santo is also used as an essential oil to cure common diseases like colds, flu and headaches. Surprisingly, this is also good in helping you remove anxiety and depression. I couldn’t say it enough but this can really uplift your energy.

During massages this essential oil is good for aromatherapy to calm the nervous system for a faster recovery. This is also good to alleviate pain and inflammation for cancer patients because it contains large amounts of D-Limonene and Monotropenes.

However, It is important to remember to consult a doctor first before using this is an alternative medicine. If you have a go with your doctor then just try it out, there is no harm on trying anyway.

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