The Use Of A Candle

The Use Of A Candle


The use of a candle is very important. At all times when we are doing spiritual work , we must have a candle lit

Always remember that a candle not only is important but also brings the energy you are summoning to come and 

see what it is you are doing, the spirit see through the light. It is a two way  street. We see spirit and spirit see us

this is why is so important to know the use of a candle.

Candles are also portals to other dimensions , and could be used while meditating to ask spirit to show us 

answers to our problems in this physical form.


Create a space where you can just meditate and close your eyes and imagine spirit coming in contact with you.

Listen to the inner feeling and trust it. Hold the candle and make sure you clear your mind while meditating.


It is important to sleep with a candle lit at night that way we can send away bad influences that are coming to attack us

for what ever reason.

Never blow a candle, that is disrespectful to spirit. Instead touch it with your finger or just shake it, but never blow it

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