Who Are The Reptilians, What Is Their Purpose And Where Did They Come From?

I wanted to speak about this topic not only because I find it fascinating but because I know that if we learned to understand our past, understanding science will be a lot easier especially for people who are interested in the Occult. Once upon a time, before the dawn of humanity creatures of terrible forms were the first ones to walk the earth. Well terrible form to us maybe they considered attractive in other planes of existence J  Humanoid reptiles that bathe and indulge in human blood and flesh. These Reptilians were considered Gods, some called them Fallen Angels long before religion was created. They came from a planet far away in thee Draco constellation in the skies. They inhabited this land and claimed it as their own, up until human beings evolved.

After the rise of man, the reptilians found a way to secretly inter bred with our species by altering our DNA and suppressing our mind’s abilities in order to control us. Many centuries have past, and the reptilian blood spread across every nation in the world. Which created “The hybrids” – people who have been influenced by the reptilian gene. These hybrids were responsible for the major development of the world. With the help of the reptilian overlords, they were able to establish empires and create a global prison controlled by the reptilians. If we look at many caves and many civilizations, reptilians are drawn all over the pyramids and caves. According to Credo Mutwa a Zulu priest from South Africa, the reptilians were the ones who gave us the power to procreate and also gave us our sex genitals to be able to populate the earth. Also, were the ones who taught us everything about Astrology, Astronomy, The Cosmos and all other sciences. They opened our eyes to knowledge.



I know you have questions, like what are the intentions of these extraterrestrial beings? Why did they colonize our planet? What do they want? Well, let me answer some of your questions.

There are different kind of reptilians, agreeable and disagreeable just like us humans. Two of the types are the Full breed and the hybrid. The full breeds are the original ancestors, they don’t have a physical human body. Instead, their reptile shell vibrates a specific tone that distorts the human brain, making them think that they are human. While, the hybrids are human beings born with the reptilian gene. They are subconsciously programed to push the agenda of the reptilian overlords, which is “The new world order”

What is the new world order you may ask? This is the reptilian’s dream of total world domination. They need our planet because of its resources, like gold, water, and other natural materials to sustain their home planet. Another reason they need us is because they feed on negative energy. They indulge in avarice, envy, wrath, sloth, gluttony, lust, and pride. Basically, the seven deadly sins as depicted in “the bible”.



Now, I’m sure most of you are wondering how to spot a reptilian living amongst us. Well, wonder no more. In this article, I’m also going to teach you how to identify the human beings from the extraterrestrial. Listen carefully.  One of the things you have to look at their eyes. Most hybrid reptilian’s eyes have the shade of green and blue. Often, you can easily differentiate them from regular human eyes. Their eyes are somehow unrealistic and will leave you to wonder if their eyes are natural. They also have very low blood pressure (well this one is harder to test), lack sympathy and love. They are also exceptionally intellectual beings with a natural born craving for power, science, and space exploration. And most importantly, sometimes you can identify if a person is a hybrid by simply filming them. Reptilians tend to distort the camera’s film and show their true nature. Their eyes will change and their skin will become scaly.

How sure are you that the people you’ve know ever since you were a kid are human beings? More importantly. How sure are you that you are a human being?? Exactly, I even ask myself this question. The more we grow in knowledge the more we understand that we are very powerful beings ourselves thanks to our Ancestors which some of them happened to be Reptilians themselves.

In another issue, I will be discussing about the possible hybrids living amongst us. Now that your eyes have been opened be sure to stay tuned on my blog.  I needed to talk about this once again because to master a science we must understand the past and its relations to what’s going on now. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and share my article.




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