What Are The Uses Of Florida Water In All Levels Spiritually

 In this article we will be talking about what florida water is and what are the spiritual benefits one can gain from it. Before we start let me give a fun fact. Did you know that Florida water was actually named after the famous “Fountain of youth”I didnt know this myself until I started using i.t

 It was first introduced in the United states in 1808 I am assuming a lot of ancestors used it during that time, but I am not sure about it. I know a lot of people in the West Indies and the Caribbean use it It is composed of basic oils like: lemon oil, lavender oil and orange oil. It is without a doubt not water 😉 it’s main ingredient is alcohol. Even before, it’s popularity rapidly rose because of the testimonials of it’s users. They claim that the water has “magic” properties that solved and continue to solce many people’s problems. It was and is still a commonly used regime for minor problems like: headache, fever, cold, body pain and many more.



But, that isn’t the only use of this magical oil. It is also widely used in hoodoo,Vodou, wicca and Santeria practices. This florida water is often times used in rituals, ceremonies and offerings. And are even sometimes alternatives for holy water. Wiping down items in the altar using a table cloth and some florida water is a great way of cleansing these objects of possible negative energy and also to prepare the items for the blessings of our ancestors and the spirits.

It is also used in many spells involving Vodou. Why? It is believed to remove heavy vibrations and encourages the flow of expression and emotions. In order to help the process of the spell become more effective. Another great use of it, is to help conquer depression. It helps by cleansing the body of negative energy, sadness and loneliness. Riding it of anything that harms the human body both mentally and spiritually. For those of you suffering depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. I suggest you try it. This might be the solution to your problem.I use it a lot when I have a headache and when I am feeling blue. It helps me meditate and clear my mind.

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Now this one is for those who are currently trying to find love. Add a few drops, at least 4-5. In a bowl and set it beside your bed. Then, light a pink or yellow candle, some use red but that is up to the person, while focusing and praying for your goal. Please take note: Florida water is flammable and should be kept away from heat and fire. Another tip, before you do this. It’s important to remain as pure as possible. So in order to do that you need to wash your hands with it, to cleanse your body of the negative energy caused by the environment and negative people you’ve come in contact with

Moved in a new house? Or do you want to bless your current home? Before you do any of that. First, mix Florida water with basil and ice. Make it into a solution. Then anoint you doors, windows, floors and walls for protection, prosperity and luck. After that you can bless the house however you want.

Florida water has proved to be one of the most effective solutions out there. Be sure to try it! I highly recommend it. By the way. I would love to hear your opinion about the topic today. What are your insights about the uses  of Florida water? Leave a comment below!




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