Telepathy, The Power Of The Human Spirit.

Remember the shows wherein the people can talk through their minds? They didn’t have to utter a word, because they can communicate through their minds. How cool is that if we could do that in real life? Very cool, right? In this article, that is exactly what we’re going to be talking about. One of the psychic abilities of the human race, telepathy. The power to communicate through the use of a mind.

The human body is filled with spiritual energy, and concentrating this said energy could potentially unlock new found abilities. In this case, telepathy. Telepathy can also happen accidentally, for example: When a close relative dies, or something bad happened to them. And you feel this spine-tingling feeling that you just can’t shake off. Like something really bad happened, but you just can’t put your finger on it. In that instance, the reason you felt that is because the psychic link between you and your close relative got severed. The thing that you felt was the “snap” of the link connecting both your spiritual minds.




You can even communicate with your pet; dogs, cats, birds and other animals in a psychic level of communication. Since I love nature I use this form of communicating with plans and animals on a regular basis. Animals have the ability to sense the supernatural, they are also subjected to receive your spiritual connection. Although you can’t actually talk to your dog, just by merely connecting with you. Both of you will have a firm grasp of what each other needs, wants and is thinking, just by body language and by instincts  . I call those instincts telepathy communication.

Some people believe that a person who has activated the power of telepathy can easily influence a sleeping person’s dream. Creating a dream wherein the telepathy user has full control of. Making the sleeping person a puppet in his own subconscious world. Telepathy is also highly influenced by one’s emotional state and physical well-being. Meaning if you are not healthy both physically and emotionally. Attempting telepathy would be a waste of time and effort. In order to be successful in awakening your dream, you have to be prepared. You have to have a strong spirit and stable condition and understand the difference between imagination and reality. In a future article I will be speaking about both.

Today, I will teach you how to harness your power and unlock the power that is sleeping inside you. Before we start I will first introduce you to the 3 variations of telepathy.

Instinctual Telepathy

e Psychic connections with people who are sentimentally close to our hearts. That’s why when something happens to them we immediately know that something is wrong. Telepathy is not a gift, it’s within all of us. You just need a little push In order to harness it’s power. Once you have acquired the power of telepathy, you can easily do mind-bending things. You can read other people’s thoughts, you can communicate to them through a mind to mind communication. 




This is the most commonly experienced type of psychic ability, and it is most often shared between close friends, families, and even pets (the animal kingdom is known to employ instinctual telepathy as a main form of communication). This is most commonly seen as an intuitive gift in someone, and is sort of a naturally-born ability. It can manifest as third-eye chakra ‘knowing’ or a solar plexus chakra ‘gut feeling.’

Mental Telepathy

This is perhaps the most ‘true’ ability, and involves thought transference between two minds.It goes well beyond the above examples where someone instinctively knows what another is thinking. It is more of a conversation, and can involve words, symbols or pictures to convey meaning without speaking.

The center of telepathic communication is the crown chakra, and one can use this ability to communicate across a room or great distances – even other galaxies in our universe and other dimensions!

Spiritual  Telepathy


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This is the highest form of telepathy, and is similar to channeling or being a medium. In its basic sense, your mind is an intermediary between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is what people use the most when doing spiritual readings. In order to get to this level you must be trained and have mastered how to do this. If interested in a reading from me connect with me by checking my website tab REQUEST A READING.

All chakras must be aligned in order to achieve spiritual telepathy. Using this technique, one soul can send information to another, and information can be received in the conscious or unconscious mind. It can be used to talk to spirits, ancestors, and deceased loved ones. Typically, one is in a meditative or similar state to enact spiritual telepathy.

Now that you have a firm grasp of the three types of telepathy. You will need to master the art of visualization and meditation. Why? because in order to properly perform telepathy. One must be spiritually and emotionally ready.

Our own human potential can be harnessed using crystals, visualizations and meditation.

Certain crystals are good for sending telepathic messages and developing your skills such as apophyllite, blue lazulite, herkimer diamonds, angelite, blue calcite, kyanite and others. Each crystal will work differently for each individual, so use your intuition to choose which is right for you.

Here is a guide for visualization and meditation:

  1. Close your eyes and sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Take 10 deep breaths in and out.
  2. When you are ready, visualize your body and your mind. Start at your feet and travel up through your body visualizing your energy fields or chakras being free and clear. See your body free and clear and aligned with a white light.
  3. Once you reach the top of your head continue visualizing the white light stretching up out of your head and into the heavens. Continue visualizing this so you can clearly see the light shining above you.
  4. Meditate on this image for about 10-15 minutes, allowing any thoughts or intelligence to be received by you. You may also want to recite a mantra such as “I am open to receiving the messages of my soul and my spiritual guides and ancestors”.
  5. Once you get more advanced with this mediation, you can start reaching out to specific souls for guidance or messages. You can also use this to reach out to your spirit or angel guide messengers to see if they have any information for you.
  6. As you come out of the mediation, remember to give thanks to the beings that you encountered and to safe guard your light that is open in the top of your head. To do this, you can visualize a “safety mesh” over the top of your head.

You can do this meditation by yourself, or with another if you are interested in attempting to share telepathic information.

Have you been enlightened by how much power a regular human being has? Dare to awaken the power residing inside you? I would love to hear your insights. Please leave a comment below.




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