Spiritual Reunion Investigation


A spiritual “Seanse” Of Investigation that many Afro-Latino communities call ” Misa” or Misa de investigacion  is a ceremony that is performed to  investigate what kind of spiritual guides, eguns the person who is undergoing the ceremony has behind his/her. In my experience dealing with this practice since a young age by being pushed by my mother to attend these ceremonies with her, many spirits come down through possession, sometimes the medium or mediums who direct the ceremony are in a full possession of these different spirits that want to communicate messages to the person  or the people who attend these ceremonies…


It is said that all of us regardless of whether we practice any sort of African Tradition Religion or Science have different spirits who are with us and protect us since birth. Some are sent to protect us since birth and some are chosen before we make a contract with the heavens to come to earth. Others attach themselves to us for what ever reason or perhaps they love our energy and want to be with us and to guide us,  to give us messages and  let us know what is needed for us to evolve.


The reason of this particular ceremony is to find out what our ancestors want to say to us and what these other particular spirits want to reveal to us. Giving my knowledge on what goes on in this ceremony is to align these spirits to connect with us and to see what we must do to move forward. I am pretty sure sometimes many of us get messages, hear things or see things and we have no clue on how to connect with it. Many times is the spirits who are just letting us know that they want our attention.

We go through this ceremony to not only find that out but to align what we have with us and also feel fulfilled by the many messages we do receive while going through the ceremony. My advise to many people who want to be a part of Ifa, Vodou, Lucumi or any other spiritual  higher sciences is to understand Ancestors

and spiritual guides first to be able to not to only move higher in the Science but to connect with our ancestors.Remember, our ancestors learned these sciences and in order for us to move to higher sciences if we allow our ancestors and spiritual guides  guide us we will become better in what ever other science we decide to do..


This ceremony has nothing to do with Vodou , Orisha, Buddhism , or any other science. This ceremonies are done  just to work with what is with us  since birth and beyond.


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