Rose Of Jericho

Rose Of Jericho


The Rose Of Jericho is a flower that many people use for good luck, abundance and money.

To prepare it, all we do is get a bowl  and fill it with cold water, add florida water, put some 

grains of white rice in it, since rice brings prosperity as well, we can add gold powder where it

can be purchased in any spiritual Botanica store, put some coins to represents the bringing of money

and you can also put a mini buddah statue in it or any little statue of your choice.

I personally prefer a Buddah in it. The rose will grow  to its full size.




Just rinse it out at least once a week with cold water, and fill it up again with cold water and add some more florida water every time we rinse it out.

If you already have a rose of jericho at home or in your business, share your experience of it

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