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4 Things You Need To Know About Quartz In Spirituality


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The Crystal’s History


When you think of Quartz the first thing you probably think of crystals. Being a voodoo priest, I now know that this stone has a lot of spiritual purposes. This crystal is more popularly called Universal Crystal because it balances and absorbs good energy, which allows you to have protection through meditation.

Quartz is said to come from the German word quartz that has an unknown meaning. In Japan, ancient Japanese believes that this crystal came from a dragon that signifies perfection. On the other hand, ancient Australians use this on their rain rituals. Since middle ages, this crystal is used to create crystal balls to help psychics predict future events.

Gives You A Clearer Mind

Actually, the crystal is considered by many as a power stone that can enhance your thoughts that allows you to have a clearer mind. This crystal clears your mind to easily in store different information. Aside from that, it can also help you focus on the things you want to do. This crystal is also a crystal of balance that allows you to help you have a balanced environment.

Removes Negativity

One great thing about using Quartz is its ability to remove negative energy, allowing you to purify your mental and spiritual energies. This crystal has powerful protective properties that allow you to have wisdom and spiritual growth. It can also help with your concentration giving you the ability to concentrate and study the best way you can.

It Protects You From Black Magic

Voodoo priests like me uses this stone to remove black magic. This allows us to have psychic clarity and help us communicate with spirits. This crystal helps us connect with our ancestors, enlightening us with their wisdom. This is a great way for us to help you during your ancestral travel, dream recall and dream work.

It Can Heal You

Lastly, this is a healing crystal that can diagnose health problems. Quartz is used to detect food poison and strengthen your body. This crystal is great for removing fatigue, bone injuries, intestinal problems and diabetes. In addition, this can also improve your mental and physical health. Even though, you have to remember that going through a doctor is still necessary for persistent physical pain.

This is crystal is a wonderful way to improve your mental and physical health. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use Quartz in your day to day life.

Comment Below if you have a piece of Quartz with you at all times, like the ancients say Quartz is the mother of all Stones.

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