Papa Legba and Baron Samedi

Papa Legba and Baron Samedi


I wanted to take the time to write about this post , thanks to the TV Series “American Horror Story” I must clarify the differences between Papa Legba and the Baron. I hear many people posting pictures of The Baron calling him Papa Legba and they are two different haitian pantheon spirits.

Papa Legba

Some call him the Gatekeeper. Papa Legba is the lwa who in the intermediator between the living and the spirits. We must go through Papa Legba first before speaking to any other lwa therefore he can open the doors for other spirits to come.

He works 24 hours, creating fortune and misfortunes. He understand every single language there is and in haitian vodou Papa Legba is considered to be an old man and crippled.

The saint that many people in Vodou use to represent him is Saint Lazarus.


His colors are white or yellow. I have heard many say his colors are black and red because they are confusing him with Elegua in Ifa and Santeria but in Haitian vodou he is not seen as a young trickster that eats candies and plays with toys.

I want to make sure that every one understand that Papa Legba and Elegua are served totally different.

His drink is Kleren and honey is used to put around the poto- mitan and he must be saluted to the entrance of the door at any ceremony. His day is June 21st.

All ceremonies should start with Papa Legba.

Baron Samedi

Now let’s talk about the Baron. “Bawon”

Bawon Samedi ” Baron of the Saturdays” Bawon Simitye “Baron of the Cemeteries”

Bawon La Kwa ” Baron of the Cross” Bawon Kriminel ” Criminal Baron” these are some of the Barons of the Bawon nation. Many people utilize Saint Expedite as the Baron

He is the lwa of the dead, He is considered to be the first male mortal who ever died and the first female who ever died is considered to be Manman Bridgette.

He is the ruler of all cemeteries and also of all the nation of the ghedes. “Spirits of the dead”

The day for the ghedes and the bawons is November 1st but through out Haiti and practitioners they are being served in the month of November.

His colors are white, purple and black. A cross and sometimes a coffin is utilized for him.

This is Baron Samedi


Now that we know the differences between Papa Legba we must stop listening to Hollywood and how they are making our spirits to be based on Silver Screen television.

To me Papa Legba is the first one that must open the doors for anything to come through . He is the one that dictates how thoughts are going to come into existence by him allowing certain doors to be opened to other spirits to bring things into existence. He is an amazing lwa to serve and also will protect you when served.

The Bawon is great when it comes to court cases or to create justice. Also he is great to get rid of magic put on someone.

I want to hear what everybody have to say about both either Papa Legba or The Baron and any comments or questions are welcomed in the comment box below!!!! Do not forget to also share this blog!!



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