Near Death Experience, What Happens After You Die And Come Back

Have you ever wondered if there is a space between life and death? Probably not. Most of us believe that there are only two possible outcomes in this world. Life and death. However, there are some extremely rare instances when certain people are able to bend life and death itself. And potentially arise from near death. In this article, let me discuss the phenomenon known as the near-death experience.

Over the course of time there have been multiple testimonials about near death experiences. Some are from people who have really gone through it. But, other come from theorists. What is a near death experience? Well, it’s not that complicated to understand. Medically, a near death experience is the failure of your organs. Your body begins to shut down and you are expected to be to “gone”. Some believe that if you were able to miraculously survive this phrase. After your waking; your body becomes stronger; your senses are heightened and you become less prone to diseases.

Why? It is believed that once your body is about to shut down, but half way through that process you were able to survive. You didn’t just defy life, you restarted your whole system. That’s why people who have experienced this phenomenon is said to be more enlightened than most people. They also tend to be more physically and mentally advance compared to others.

But, that’s not the whole story. What we are about to talk about is the spiritual side of near death experiences. What happens at the instances of our deaths? Some say we go to heaven or hell immediately., Well, according to Christianity, in my book , my theory is we connect with our ancestors. However, I believe that when we are at the brink of death. Our soul isn’t in hell or heaven. I believe it is in the place between life and death; a place where lost souls roam free. A place I like to call, the veil. A place where we come to conclusion if we are ready to move on the realm of the ancestors where I call it the after life, or we go back to the vagina for another 9 months and resurrect to come back to finish something and learn that lesson.


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People who have been murderers and those who cannot simply accept their death because they still have some earthly connections in the material realm tend to become vengeful spirits. Or spirits who want to create chaos to be noticed, that is why I always say to give light to all spirits. NO MATTER WHAT.

These are what we like to call, the bad energies and evil spirits. Now, you know where they came from. You must first do something, accept your death, or better yet accept your reality.  If you won’t you will only become a lost soul wondering the veil forever. Or worse, become a vengeful spirit. In my opinion when we die, we wake up from our lessons and become aware of where we are heading. That is why is so important to come to this earth and learn to prepare for the after life.


The moment we finish crossing over, our bodies remain warm and we can still feel the body breathing regardless of the heart has stooped moving, It is when the body gets cold that the soul has depart. I have experienced  this myself with someone who died in my arms. 



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Tell me what you think about near death experience, I would love to hear your opinions. Feel free to leave a comment below. Do you believe that the veil exists?

Do you believe in reincarnation, or an after life where you live happily ever after with your loved ones and your ancestors?

Tell me what you think about near death experience, I would love to hear your opinions. Feel free to leave a comment below. Do you believe that the veil exists?






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