Mirror In Your Home To Reverse Jealousy

Mirror In Your Home To Reverse Jealousy





Do you want to know why it will be in you benefit to have a mirror as soon as somebody step foot at you home?  In this blog I will explain the reason is very important why every body I repeat everybody should have a mirror facing the front door of their home. I know many people who read my blogs do it because either they are curious, they are spiritual or they just want a few tips here and there on what to do spiritually when it comes to them, their home and possessions.

Growing up and going to some of my relatives’ homes and a lot of people who practice the Sciences of the so called “OCCULT” why was the reason they always had a big huge mirror facing the door until I got older I started to realize that I needed to find out,  and was told that having a mirror in front of you door when people come in is to send jealousy away and also to send “Witchcraft ” away. We have no clue out of everybody we know including family and friends if they come to see us with good intentions or if they have something attached to them spiritually that we don’t want to receive in our homes, because those type of bad thoughts, bad spirits or bad intentions can mess up our luck, businesses and also our relationships with people we live in and significant others.

Place the mirror if you dont have that much money, just buy a mini mirror and put it on the wall that faces the door of you home.

Mirrors in the room are not acceptable because they can destroy marriages by welcoming others into their relationship.  Take a look at your relationship or marriage and if you know it is not great because there is infidelity and you have a mirror in your room, especially in front of you bed.. REMOVE IT  

Having a mirror in bathroom especially in front of your toilet can bring bad luck when it comes to money, If you have a mirror in front of your toilet place it else where in the bathroom where you cannot see the reflection of the toilet.

You can also cleanse yourself with a mini mirror so it can remove anything negative you have and going outside away from you home and break it.

I hope YOU find this blog interesting  and tell me about the mirrors you have in the home and if they are either making you life better by having them in the front door or if they destroying your homes. 

I want to hear what every body has to say.



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