Who Are The Marasa According To Duality In Haitian Vodou?

Who are the Marasa Dosu Dosa  the twins. In this article I will be discussing them. For those of you who are starting to have a real passion for voodoo, Vodou, Vudun . Then, this is a must learn.

The Marasa are basically the sacred twins of voodoo (talk about big time) from them a concept was derived: the one plus two equals three. There are many origins of marasa but we will only be focusing on the most significant. What Marasa means?  Marasa means twins. The the result of the union of higher forces which resulted in bringing into reality a third potentiality. Or to put in in a simpler term. Marasa stands for the combination of a divine force resulting in a product of labor. Some call it the Ying and the Yang, some the negative and positive, some male and female, destruction and creation, the balance of the earth I must say. First Papa Legba opens the gate to all the other spirits to come down to earth, but secondly we sing to the Marasa to create balance not only in our ceremonies but also on earth. A plate of Kola, popcorn, candies is given to the them.


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What do the Marasa represent? They are purely family-oriented. They represent various qualities of a family like blessings, abundance, the gift of children, the sacredness of families and the mysteries of the divine. But, more importantly they represent the gift of having twins. I mean it’s literally the translation of their name. . The sacred Twins are also invoked at the beginning of every service along with Papa Legba, for without the Marasa, nothing can come into existence. Their combined forces are the ones responsible in producing abundance in the world. That’s the so called “one plus two equals three” mentioned above.

Like all twins, they are not entirely the same. They might look identical but there will always be differences. They are sexless, why? Because they are divine beings, They contain everything. Light and dark, love and hate, blessings and destruction, positive and negative. Everything, you name it, they have it. One of the most commonly reconciled with the saints cosmos and damian in the dada rites and th

And also the Marasa Twa which means Marasa Three are  Hope, Charity and Faith  and they are served in the petwo rites. I will be discussing about the Marasa Twa in a future article.



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This is the symbolization for marasa. Three separate symbols, as you can see even though they are twins. None of the symbols are identical to each other. This clearly shows that both of them have separate behaviors and abilities.

People who served the marasa find their efforts and rewards tends to yield double – I believe that it’s a subtle blessing of the twin’s gratitude for worshiping them. It’s important to remember that marasa are kids. They tend to get jealous. So keep in mind that when offering something to them it has to be by pair. Or identical things that you think kids will like. For example: Candies, dolls, chips, canned sodas. Also, your offering must be presentable. I suggest offering the items in two identical plates or if not, just put them together on banana leaves and gently place it on the floor. A word of advice, think of something that will really please them. They are kids, so you need to be creative with your offerings.

It’s also important to note that if you have twins in your lovely family. Serving marasa will greatly benefit all of you. Marasa considers twins as their representations, so serving them while taking care of your twins will most likely please them. So place a twin doll in your altar to show to them that you are dedicating your time to these divine beings. It’s important to remember that you should only serve them if you can keep up with the schedule. Otherwise, if you are to fail. They will punish you. And I promise you powerful divine entities like marasa don’t do kindly with people whom they think have disrespected them. In the Orisha tradition they are considered the Ibeyis.

Always remember that without them , destruction and chaos will be in this earth, It is ok to learn about Papa Legba but make sure you serve the Marasa right after him , to create balance in all spiritual work and service


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