Agharta, The Inner Earth Within The Earth?

 In this article I’m going to discuss the famous controversy known as “the hollow earth” If you’re one of the fanatics of these conspiracy then I’m sure you’re in for a treat.

The Earth, scientifically is said to be solid sphere with a core in the middle. However, I beg to differ. I believe that the earth has secrets, not round but FLAT, yes exactly FLAT. Secrets like a hidden civilization inside the world. Flourishing in the course of time, away from the destruction that is called “Humanity” Now, before some of you take violent reactions, tell me, what good has humanity done for mother earth? Sure some of us preserve the earth’s natural beauty. But, the fact is majority of us destroys it.


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Inside the hollow earth there is a hidden kingdom. A kingdom filled with magnificent untapped riches, amazing structures of nature, inhabited by long extinct creatures: like mammoths, Saber-tooth tigers. Even magical creatures that are said to be only fairy tales freely roam this kingdom. Many extra-terrestrials live inside the earth, I call them extra because they are also terrestrials .  This magical kingdom is known as “The forbidden land of Agartha” Which Shambalah is supposed to be its capital.

Some explorers and scientists claimed that the entrance to the hollow earth is located in both the south and north poles. Even in ancient civilizations there are accounts their interactions with the inner earth. Like how Babylonian hero Gilgamesh visited his ancestor utnapishtim in the bowels of the earth, or in Greek mythology, when Orpheus tries to rescue Eurydice from the “underground hell” It was also said that in the ancient Egypt civilizations, pharaohs used secret tunnels located in the pyramids to establish communications in the underworld. Even until now, Buddhists believed that millions of people are living in the forbidden land of Agartha. And who is to say they are wrong?. I for one believe this ideology. I think with all these supernatural entities in the world, it’s not impossible for a secret civilization inside the world to exist. Someday, I dream to be able to visit the land beyond the other side., even if its in Astral Projection lol. There are many entrances through out the world that lead to the center of the earth which even a tunnel in New York city takes you there.



Many believe, including myself that the core isn’t our planets life source. But, sun of the hollow earth. Just like our earth, we have our own atmosphere, our own habitat and our own sun. The same way Agartha have theirs. Okay, let me give you my own theory about this. My theory I cannot say my believe because I stand by this is that “WE” are also in the core of the Earth and that the Earth is huge and everything we think to be the space is nothing within the Earth, that includes, The Moon, The Sun, the other planets are nothing but other layers of the Earth, that is my philosophy. It is impossible to believe that when we leave Earth and we get into space everything is dark,but wait a minute, what about the Sun? it disappears? That makes no sense my readers. That is my philosophy but Agharta is nothing but a different layer of our reality on Earth.


That sums up our discussion about Agharta. The reason why I wanted to write this article was because I wanted others to know that we are not alone and also that there are other things on Earth besides us. Please leave a comment below about what you think of the hollow earth. Do you have your own theory about the enchanted civilizations of Agartha and the secrets of the inner earth? I would love to hear them. 


PS. In order to be able to grow and be spiritual, we must know the truth

by Voodoo Priest Man





Voodoo Priest Man teaches people how to connect with the universe, the ancestors and spiritual guides.He helps people understand how can the mind be so powerful. He teaches techniques on how to open the third eye as well in order for the people to learn how to connect with spirit. He believes everybody has the ability of being a psychic. In his training people will learn how to tap into their intuition that way they can get the answers they are looking for by following their spirits advise.



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