How To Feed The Four Corners

How To Feed The Four Corners


In this blog I am going to share how I feed the four corners of my house for protection and also for prosperity. It is very important that you feed everything especially the four corners and I am also going to show you a  trick on what to do to send any negativity away from you by doing something  I do.

It is important to always take under consideration that Exu, Elegua, Papa Legba loves the four corners and lives in the four corners. I call it the four cardinal points as well, South, North, East and West. As Above As Below!! everything that is the four cardinal points “four corners” it is considered the realm of this particular deity.

What I do is feed three parts of the corner and leave it open for him to walk in into the center of the four corners which is my house, and you should do the same.

Grab three paper bags, small ones are fine

  • some candy
  • apples
  • honey
  • pennies




What you are going to do is open the three bags you will insert one red apple in each bag, you will add three pennies on each bag, and also some candy, you can get  any type of candy and when you finish you will add honey inside the  things you put in the bag and you will close each bag . You are going to walk around the block of your home or vicinity. Some blocks will be longer than others. Get your exercised on. You will go to your first corner place one bag in a corner, then go to the second one and finally the third one leaving the four corner open for protection and fortune to walk into your home. Do not tell anybody that you are doing this in your home, because you want to be protected all the times. I am telling you this because I know how to protect myself regardless if I do this or not. 🙂  I also get cigars the big cuban cigars and put one cigar in each corner and blow some rum to each corner. If you want to go an extra mile you can do it as well. Many people have asked me “What is the best time to do this”? I would say the best time to do this is late at night when nobody is watching. If you have no blocks because you live in the woods or there are no four corners in your neighborhood, you can do it around in your home.

Now you will see a chance in your life and doors will open, However know that in order  for good luck and protection and opportunity to knock on your door, you must feel and believe what you are doing is going to work. If you are negative about it, it will still work but not to its full potential.


The extra tip I said I was going to provide to you  “My reader” is that every time you leave your home, never follow the same routine leaving your home, one day go one way and the next take a different route, always change routes from places you frequently attend. This will send bad thoughts towards you and also bad magic or juju put on you and also will confuse negative deities to follow you.

Which way to go?

I hope this helps, share with me an experience you had or what you do to protect your home and to bring fortune below!! If not share your view on what you just read and share this blog to somebody you feel need to read this.



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