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Candles have been used in magic to cast spells for your intention. It is a simple, inexpensive and probably a more solemn way to use magic. Using candle magic is similar to wishing something while blowing on your birthday cake. The only difference is that you’re not hoping to get what you want. You’re declaring that you’ll get what you want. It is probably important to know that there are different color candles for you intention, here are five of them:

red 2

Red The element of fire is present in this candle. This is commonly used in spells for health like increase of strength. It is also used to promote passion like love and courage. This candle is also great for defensive magic, warding of evil that might come your way. This candle is also used to ward off curses inflicted to a person. A red candle can be used to help sick people regain their strength, making them better. As aforementioned, this is also used to attract someone to like you.


If you are having a hard time with your business, this is the best candle to use because it attracts financial gains increasing your business endeavors. This also strengthens your solar connection giving your business its needed boost. However, you must be able to clam yourself and have a peace of mind before doing a prosperity spell with this candle. I suggest that you meditate first and clear of your mind and body until you reach a positive mind frame. Upon doing this, you will be able to cast an effective prosperity spell.


This color represents the air elements, allowing you to heighten your visual abilities. This is a color is mostly associated with intelligence and eloquence. Through this candle, you will be able to increase your  capabilities. When you use this candle, you will be able to get the mental capabilities that you desire.  Aside from that, this candle can also heighten your confidence, allowing you to pursue your goals in life. This also has protective abilities that shield against negative energies.

The Essence of Essential Oils

Even though, getting the right colored candle for spells are vital. It is probably important to remember that using essential oils in your candles are important, because they boost the magical capability of your candles. Therefore, if you want the maximum results for your spells use an essential oil.

Yes, magic can elevate your life but you also have to remember that it’s not all magic. You also have to work hard and do everything you can to make your dreams come true.


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