Evil Eye Azabache Protection Bracelet

Evil Eye Azabache Protection Bracelet


In English called Azabache Evil Protection   Bracelet in Spanish called Manita de Azabache is used for many things but mainly to send away evil. I remember growing up having one of these bracelets on and my mother blessing it for others not to wish evil on the family. It is said that when somebody wishes evil and bad thoughts towards people children especially babies pick up the negativity because of their innocence, this is why It is very important to always carry one of these bracelets on .If you have children or babies around to put one on them. I always tell people not to ever advertise what they have on and its purpose. Always keep it low key and just say it is just for fashion.

Never allow anybody to touch your spiritual jewelry for no reason, family or no family, friends or no friends, It is ok to tell them to stop touching things that you have on, Energy attracts energy and even though it is here to protect you, people should never under any circumstances should be touching anything.  I get very upset when people start asking questions or just touching, I mean if it is your significant other it is ok but once they know you are not up to people touching your spiritual things they will understand.

At the same time if you have this bracelet on and it breaks for no reason, that is an omen and should always be addressed in every single situation it was breaking something heavy and the reason why it broke was to remove it , all you have to do is seek the help of a spiritual person to give you a reading to seek the advise of the oracle of divination. It is a hand that represents  a fist and that is a metaphor to fight all evil coming our way.


Also Azabache is good for sickness. It is a great way to be protected not only against sickness but be able to cope better when it comes to any type of illness. It brings peace to the body. Also for my readers who can not sleep and suffer from insomnia this bracelet will help with your sleeping patters for the ones who suffer from it or prevent it so you can have a wonderful night sleep. In the middle of our sleep we are provoked at times by bad deities or ” demons” and this bracelet helps send them away from us for us to sleep better.

I always advise everybody who feels have black magic on them or somebody have done witchraft against them to wear one to protected and also to feel safe at all times.

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PS. Like the ancients who taught me and still teach me always tell me “You better be safe than sorry”



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