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Okay, so today we will be talking about a very interesting topic. Who is Erzulie  Dantor? And how important is she in the world of haitian Vodou. But before anything else. Let us first talk about lwa. What is a lwa? I Lwa are spirits of Vodou. They mare the hidden mysteries between the good gods – the supreme divine beings. And like any other divine entity, they have their own distinct characteristics and rituals.

To help you understand this article better. Erzulie Dantor is believed to be the lwa of motherhood. The lwa of divine care and love, people, especially mothers worship her almost all year round. Why? It is believed that by worshiping this divine being, you will be blessed by abundance in love and prosperity. And many people do testify about the blessings they have received after worshiping her.


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She is most commonly represented by  The Black Madonna of Czechoslovakia . The image that was supposedly brought to Haiti by the polish military forces sent by Napoleon in hopes of suppressing the haitian revolution. Other representations of Erzulie Dantor includes the Saint Barbara Africana.

But, the most common representation of Dantor is having memorable attributes like: Dark ebony skin, a mix of blue and red robe with a hood, a golden crown decorated with several gems placed atop on her head, her hand conspicuously placed on her chest and holding a baby dressed with a red robe wearing the same crown like hers. We will go over the baby and who the baby is associated with as a lwa in a future article. Stay tune.

She is best known for her blessings that concerns healing, motherhood, protection from violence, lesbians, homosexuals, wealth, strength, vengeance and single women. If you are planning on worshiping the lwa of motherhood. I suggest fixing your schedule first so that you won’t be able to miss the worshiping schedule. Like any divine beings, being neglected by human beings angers them. So if you want to steer away from trouble, then fix your schedule first so that you won’t offend the celestial entity. Erzulie Dantor days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. Many men also marry her in a ceremony called “maryaj lwa” where men marry her in exchange of protection and many other things. I happen to be married to her and other female lwas as well. To know if you are supposed to marry her or not, she will come in a dream and tell you she wants your hand or in a ceremony when possessed by a “horse” which is the person mounting the lwa she could also ask you for marriage. In many houses women also marry her.

When she posses someone she makes a noise “kie kie kie kie” since she cannot speak she makes that noise, the story says that her to.ngue was cut while fighting the Haitian Revolution in 1804 and she carries a dagger  that she uses to defend herself and her devotees.


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This is the Veve of Dantor, as you can see it symbolizes a heart with a sword. Mainly because she is the god of love and care.

In case you are wondering, here are the steps and tips in worshiping her. She is most commonly associated with the black creole pig of Haiti – the land race pig of Haiti. So make sure that you sacrifice the right offering; in this case, animal sacrifices should be done at her altar as part of the voodoo ceremony. Also don’t forget to leave a bowl of griot – fried pork dish, Crème de cacao, rum and Florida Water cologe at her altar.

What are your thoughts about our topic today? Did it spark an interest inside you to worship this amazing lwa.? I would love to hear your insights. Please leave a comment below and share your experiences or your thoughts on this particular lwa, and do not forget to share this article.

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