What Is Astral Projection About And How To Astral Project

I know I have had plenty of conversations with many people and they’re always asking on how to Astral Project. In this blog I am going to guide you and share some techniques that if done with patience and religiously you can achieve the experience of this amazing so called “super power” Have you ever dreamed of flying in the still air of the world? Or have you craved of somehow escaping the reality, that I call an “illusion” anyway of this life time.? Well, although what I’m about to discuss is clearly out of this world to many, to some is an experience that have us say “Oh My God, I cannot believe what just happened lol. It is also a must-try for people who seek inner peace and a spiritual adventure. But, first let me tell you what Astral Projection is?

Astral projection is leaving your body for a certain period to roam free in the spiritual realm. During this phenomenon, you are free to do whatever your heart desires. You can fly, you can walk through walls, you can interact with other physical object and connect with your ancestors. Yes, you heard it right, though you will still have some boundaries. I mean, who doesn’t. That will be totally unfair. In my experience, astral projection can grant you so many good things. The ability to heal others by using your spiritual energy. You can travel to somebody you love and heal them with prayer and also with movements, you also are able to interact with other people’s dreams, and sometimes having the ability to contact a living person or a spirit while being in the spiritual realm.




There are multiple accounts of accidental astral projections, meaning that people who experienced this phenomenon weren’t even aware that they’re doing it in the first place. Most cases of these accidental astral projections are cause by near-death experiences or by a severe illness or just by plain meditation. Have you ever experienced being somewhere you cannot recognize and then wonder how you got back to your body? I am assuming many of you have just like I have had those experiences myself and please take note: although astral projection can be quite tempting to perform, you must first be educated in this subject to avoid negative side-effects or other negative forces to attack you while performing the ritual.




To shed some light in this situation, here are some tips I would like to share to increase your knowledge about astral projection. First of all, before performing the ritual, you need to bless your room in order to avoid bad spirits from entering your body while performing an astral projection. I believe that while your spirit is in the spiritual realm, your physical body is weak and volatile. Demons an easily possess your body if you performed this ritual unprepared. To bless your room, you simply need to burn an incense, Sage is great for this or by putting a pyramid figure above your head, and using spiritual crystals. Or if you want the easiest way, you could just put your cat beside your bed. I know this sounds insane. But cats in Egyptian times were used in rituals as well. It is believed that cats can detect spirits and evil energies and can scare of these bad elements.

It’s really important to gather all the information first before attempting astral projection. As it can both harm and bless your life in different aspects if you’re not careful enough. Are you tempted by the power of astral projection? Do you see yourself performing this kind of sorcery? Then stay tunes. In a future article, I will be discussing about the steps on how to properly perform astral projection.

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